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There are different options for learning how to use LuccME:

  • Use the examples and documentation in which the main elements are described and you can adapt the examples to your application.


  • Discipline CST 401 (Land Use Modeling) in the Postgraduate in Earth System Science – PGCST in which it is possible to enroll as a regular student (for PG students) or as an isolated discipline. In this course, during 10 weeks (4 hours per week) the student creates his own project, going through all phases of the modeling process: problem conceptualization, database construction, calibration and validation of the model and construction of scenarios. Further information can be obtained from the PGCST secretariat.



  • Eventual courses.


There is also the possibility of partnering with the LuccME Team to welcome visiting researchers during project design or code adaptation to specific needs. Contact us to talk and ask your questions. Our goal is to facilitate the widespread use of LuccME.